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Handbook of Optometry and Eye Disorders

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by Prakash Nathan (Author)


    Handbook of Optometry and Eye Disorders
    by Prakash Nathan (Author)

    Before we enter into the world of ophthalmic optic, it is essential
    to know the whole system that is the physiology of the eye and its
    working system in the human body. It is true to the fact that eye is
    window to the body. Being in this field is a noble job, one has to
    know the trade better with day-to-day information about the
    advancement made in the field. Being an optometrist and an
    operation theatre nurse it provocked me to write a handbook for
    an optometrist, after writing a book for nurses regarding medical
    and surgical procedures by the same publishers. It was a blessing
    in disguise when Jaypee publication accepted my proposal to bring
    this manual benefitting not only the optometrist, but also optician
    and the person involved in this noble job. As I have mentioned
    above that the eye is window to the body, I have not only covered
    the ophthalmic optics but also the diseases and disorders of the
    eye to enable and highlight your patients and customers to be
    aware of their ailments, because today families put health at the
    top of their concern list. Todays millenium has changed medicine
    to a great deal, with rapid advancement in surgery, understanding
    genetics, new method of minimal invasive surgery and wide
    acceptance of computer in diagnosing problems related to health;
    they are not only wanting to know what is wrong with them, but
    also the choice of treatment available and above all the risks
    involved in it.
    Lastly, I humbly plead with every one in this family of nobility
    to involve putting yourself in their shoes, because our religion is
    universally an optical religion, our instrument of prayer is service
    to humanity. We do not see God but we see God and serve God
    through humanity. Remember, eye is window to the body to that
    particular person.
    Prakash Nathan


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    • Number Pages: 103
    • Publish Year: 2006 by Jaypee
    • Laguage: English
    • Type: PDF 

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