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Mastering the Phacodynamics (Tools, Technology and Innovations)

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by Garg (Author)


    Mastering the Phacodynamics (Tools, Technology and Innovations)

    by Garg (Author)

    Phacoemulsification is considered to have the enhanced safety, efficacy and efficiency of the procedure due to reduced surgical action, less postoperative pain, fast visual recovery and minimal restrictions on the movement of the patient. Success in phacoemulsificaiton requires the proper tools and technology. The advanced machines having improved modulation and fluidics cause less turbulence in the eye. Apart from this the use of twoport and three-port bimanual microincision cataract surgical technique and other advanced approaches to nuclear disassembly including phaco chop and super capsular phacoemulsification provides a safe, efficient, and effective approach to the removal of cataract. This mega International Book on Mastering the Phacodynamics in its most advanced presentation, is a dedicated effort to spread knowledge and to provide finer details of phaco parameters. A notable feature of this book is, that a galaxy of Top International Phaco and Microphaco experts serving the people with great dedication in different parts of the world have shared their skills and experiences about phacodynamics in this book. Sixty-three chapters of this book written by leading International Phacodynamics expert cover all aspects of the subject from history of phacoemulsification to various phacodynamics step minutely, complications management, recent advances and future prespects. Each contributing author in this book has made every effort to shape this book as an indispensable companion to ophthalmologists.


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    564 pages
    • Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd.; 1/E edition (December 1, 2007)
    • Language: English

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