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Ophthalmic Care 2nd edition

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by Janet Marsden (Author, Editor)


    Ophthalmic Care 2nd edition

    by Janet Marsden (Author, Editor)

    Written by an international team of ophthalmic practitioners, this authoritative book is a vital resource not only for ophthalmic professionals, but for any healthcare professional who cares for patients with eye problems.
    In the ten years since the first edition was published, practice has moved on, as has the evidence for practice. This second edition draws on the passion and goodwill of the original team of authors, complemented by other colleagues, to fully revise and update the text in line with new findings, new practice and new and exciting treatments.

    The book is broadly divided into three sections. The first section considers the structure and function of the eye, as well as the basic principles of ophthalmology and eye examination. The second section considers patient care in diverse settings, as well as work-related issues and patient education. It also includes two entirely new chapters on eye banking and global eye health. The third section takes a systematic approach to patient care, working from the front to the back of the eye, discussing some of the common disorders affecting each structure (such as the lens or cornea) or group of structures (such as the eyelids or lacrimal drainage system). The book concludes with a very useful glossary of ophthalmic terms.

    Some aspects of practice discussed in the text are, of necessity, UK based, but these are clearly indicated and, wherever possible, principles (rather than specifics) are addressed and readers are directed to local policies and interpretations. 

    The first edition of this book became a core text for ophthalmic nursing, in particular, and for the education of ophthalmic nurses across the world. This new edition will provide a comprehensive, up-to-date, evidence-based resource for all ophthalmic healthcare professionals.

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