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PDF+Videos Corneal Ulcers Diagnosis and Management

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by Sharma (Author)


    Corneal Ulcers Diagnosis and Management

    by Sharma (Author)

    Corneal opacity and scarring is one of the leading causes of vision loss and blindness worldwide. This book deals specifically with the problem of corneal ulceration and provides relevant and practical information. It especially examines a case of infectious keratitis, with its types and provides comprehensive information on various management issues including surgical options. Descriptions on pathogenesis, microbiology and pharmacology of corneal ulcers, is clear concise and readily understandable. Provides a step-by-step approach to diagnosing and managing corneal ulcers. With superb color photographs and easily readable box inserts highlight the significant aspects of microbial and numerologic keratitis, including pediatric and peripheral ulcerative keratitis. It provides an invaluable aid in addressing the problems of corneal ulceration. SECTION 1: APPLIED BASIC SCIENCES, 1. Anatomy and Physiology, 2. Pathogenesis of Corneal Ulcer, 3. Microbiology, 4. Pharmacology, SECTION 2: WORK UP OF CORNEAL ULCER, 5. Clinical Examination, 6. Investigations, SECTION 3: TYPES OF MICROBIAL KERATITIS, 7. Bacterial Keratitis, 8. Fungal Keratitis, 9. Viral Keratitis, 10. Protozoal Keratitis, SECTION 4: SPECIFIC TYPES OF KERATITIS, 11. Pediatric Keratitis, 12. Contact Lens Related Kertitis, 13. Infectious Crystalline Keratopathy, 14. Post-surgical Microbial Keratitis, 15. Keratitis and Endophthalmitis, 16. Neurotrotrophic Keratitis, 17. Peripheral Ulcerative Keratitis, SECTION 5: SURGICAL MANAGEMENT, 18. Intracameral Antibiotics, 19. Glue Application, 20. Conjunctival Flaps, 21. Therapeutic Keratoplasty, 22. Phototherapeutic Keratectomy.

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    • 216 pages
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    • Language: English

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