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The Science and Art Microincision Cataract Surgery (BIMICS & COMICS)

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by Arturo, M.D. Perez-Arteaga (Editor), Luis Felipe, M.D. Vejarano-Restrepo (Editor), Ashok Garg (Foreword)


    The Science and Art Microincision Cataract Surgery (BIMICS & COMICS)

    by Arturo, M.D. Perez-Arteaga (Editor), Luis Felipe, M.D. Vejarano-Restrepo (Editor), Ashok Garg (Foreword)

    This book is to demonstrate to the reader by many different ways to perform MICS by some of the most important surgeons in the world, and some applications of this technique to other fields also rather than cataract surgery (e.g. refractive lens exchange). We have tremendous honor to have leaders and pioneers as the contributors of this book in the creation and development of MICS. The ophthalmic community recognizes their work and their knowledge. The reader will be able to notice the differences from one surgeon to another and will be able to decide the particular concepts that might incorporate to his/her surgical practice. The reader will be able to take again some forgotten ideas and mix them with the new ones in performing so a customized and useful technique for the benefit of his/her patients. It is not the objective of this book to find a final technique or a final conclusion in MICS; you will see that what is useful for one author may be useless for the other. This book has not a specific sequence; the reader is able to go directly to the information through a particular author or through a particular technique. The concepts are reinforced with pictures and in the case of some authors with surgical videos that demonstrate the written concepts. This book goes from basic concepts described many years ago until recent applications in MICS, like the very new Femto MICS technique. Definitively, this is not the end in MICS. This book is just describing what is happening now and the basic concepts that gave life to “what is happening now”. New concepts will be in the arena of the cataract surgery during incoming meetings and articles this year, maybe at the same time when this book is being presented. This is the history of the human knowledge, the addition of new concepts to what we have previously learned.


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